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Nisto Osap Tiposkawi Pisimuk – Thirteen moons

By Wilfred Buck, Researcher and Knowledge Keeper, Opaskwayak Cree Nation

It should be noted that the names below are NOT the ONLY names given to these moons. The names given to the moons depend on the environment each moon was seen from.

The 13 moons herein are how some Ininew communities in Northern and Central Manitoba saw events, weather patterns, animal behaviour, plant/medicines in relation to Wawipi pisim (the full Moon).

The first moon of the cycle would loosely align with our 12-month calendar, keeping in mind you cannot equate our calendar months to the full moons.

Thus, what is presented here is in no way a statement that these full moons have these names and that all others are wrong! That is not our people's way.

This is just one interpretation of many, because we understand that the Moon is seen from many perspective, latitudes, longitudes, environments and hemispheres.

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