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Teamwork and communication activities

These activities were designed to be done with groups of kids in Grades 6 to 9 in schools and youth organizations as part of the Junior Astronauts campaign.

Name Stream Difficulty Duration Materials
Survivor: Moon

Do you know what it takes to survive on the Moon? In this activity you will prioritize items your crew needs to return safely to your lunar base.

Teamwork and communication 2Moderate 90 minutes 2Minimal
Dragons' Den

You have a great idea that could improve space exploration. Pitch your invention to a panel of experts and convince them to invest in you.

This activity was reviewed by the Saskatchewan Science Centre.

Teamwork and communication 2Moderate 90 minutes 2Minimal
Deep-Space Diplomacy

There are many sides to deep-space exploration. Time to investigate and debate!

Teamwork and communication 2Moderate 85 minutes 2Minimal
Patch Maker, Patch Maker, Make Me a Patch

Every Canadian Space Agency astronaut has an individual and crew mission patch. In this activity you will create an individual patch, and collaborate with a group to create a patch that represents your collective interests and values.

Teamwork and communication 1Easy 1.5 hours 3Moderate
Operation: Negotiation

International collaboration on space projects is essential. As a delegate from a fictional country, you will negotiate with other representatives to fund missions that meet your priorities.

Teamwork and communication 3Difficult several hours (can be separated over a few days) 2Minimal
Take Me Home, Martian Roads

Work together to collect samples on Mars. Use creative thinking, problem solving and communication to achieve your goal.

Teamwork and communication 1Easy 35 minutes 2Minimal
Mars Base: Now Accepting Applications

Interview for a job at the new Mars base. Prove your position is critical to help out and make a difference on the red planet.

Teamwork and communication 2Moderate 1.5 hours 3Moderate
Night at the Space Museum

You are the head of a museum in outer space. What is your exhibit about? What objects do you have on display? Learn about space heritage objects while creating your very own exhibit.

Teamwork and communication 2Moderate 2.5 hours + homework 3Moderate
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