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Science and technology activities

These activities were designed to be done with groups of kids in Grades 6 to 9 in schools and youth organizations as part of the Junior Astronauts campaign.

Name Stream Difficulty Duration Materials
Living Space

Investigate your living space and learn how environmental monitoring can help improve physical and mental health on Earth and in space.

This activity was developed by our collaborators at Let's Talk Science.

Science and technology 2Moderate Four to eight 50-minute classes 5Varies depending on lesson
Lunar Resupply Mission

Build a lunar lander to send supplies to the Moon. Design, budget, build, and test your lander to safely deliver a payload to the Moon.

This activity was developed in collaboration with Brilliant Labs.

Science and technology 2Moderate 2.5 hours 4Substantial
Under (Air) pressure: Bernoulli's Principle

Discover the force that makes planes fly and learn about the scientific method.

This activity was developed by our collaborators at Cosmodôme.

Science and technology 1Easy 60 minutes 4Substantial

Join the Astrobot Challenge! Make a robotic arm while learning programming and using your creativity.

This activity was developed by our collaborators at Zone01 Robotics.

Science and technology 2Moderate 1 to 4 × 45 minutes 2Minimal
How Old Are You on Mars?

Try this introductory coding activity – no previous experience required! All you need is a web browser to determine how old you are on another planet.

Science and technology 2Moderate 50 minutes 2Minimal
Hovercraft Launch

Construct your own hovercraft while learning about force and the principles of motion.

Science and technology 2Moderate 50-100 minutes 3Moderate
Searching for Life Beyond Earth

The truth is out there! Formulate a hypothesis about life on other planets. Learn more about the scientific method and its uses.

Science and technology 2Moderate 2 hours 3Moderate
A map that's out of this world!

This giant map offers a unique view of Canada. Discover how Earth observation satellite data can provide a deeper understanding of the land, oceans and the diverse population of Canada.

This activity was developed in collaboration with Canadian Geographic Education and the Royal Canadian Geographic Society.

Science and technology 2Moderate 90 minutes 3Moderate
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