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Build a Spacesuit

You will need:

How to build your spacesuit:

  1. Obtain a disposable painter's suit (paper or plastic) from a local paint or hardware store;
  2. Find photos of astronauts wearing their EVA suits and note all the details;
  3. Decorate your suit using various coloured tapes, dryer hose tubing, other kinds of tubes, and markers;
  4. Using the cereal box, create a control box for your suit;
  5. Add lots of pockets and tethers to your suit, so your space tools won't float away!
  6. Create your own mission patches to add to your suit;
  7. Your spacesuit is now ready to wear; good luck on your mission!

Printable version (PDF, 1.99 MB)

Proud of your spacesuit?

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2017-05-29 - Grade 9 students from Notre Dame Academy in Medicine Hat, Alberta, try their hand at the Canadian Space Agency's Build a Spacesuit activity.

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