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Space Jam! An Astronaut Lunch

Difficulty: Easy

Duration: 60-70 minutes

Materials: Moderate

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Mission description

In this activity, participants prepare their lunch like an astronaut on the International Space Station (ISS). Create a lunch with foods similar to those on the ISS such as dehydrated fruits and vegetables, tortillas, fish pâté, tuna, beans, and minute rice.


Breakdown Duration


  • Have participants help
  • Pre-load space food videos
5-10 minutes
Explanation of the activity 5 minutes
Have participants design their space lunch 10-15 minutes
If participants want dehydrated vegetables, give them the option of rehydrating them. If they want to rehydrate them, they can put the vegetables in the bowl and the teacher can pour hot water on them. Allow vegetables to rehydrate for a minimum of 1 minute. variable
Participants can eat and chat while watching the space food videos 30 minutes
Clean-up 10 minutes
Total 60-70 minutes


To teach participants about eating in space while exposing them to a variety of food and creative ways to prepare it.


By the end of the activity, participants will be able to:

Mission preparation


A few days before the activity



Participants will have a fun "space lunch" where they will use food items similar to those commonly found on the ISS to create a meal.

Example of cost breakdown (before tax)Footnote 1

Item Each For 30 participants
Chunk light tuna in water 170 g $1.17 $3.51 (3 cans)
Whole wheat tortillas 7" (10 tortillas) $2.97 $8.91 (3 packs)
No salt added black beans $0.88 $2.64 (3 cans)
Minute Rice premium instant long grain white rice, 700 g $3.47 $3.47
Sun dried tomatoes, 85 g $2.47 $2.47
Traditional hummus, 454 g $4.97 $4.97
Cutlery combo $2.88 $2.88
Paper napkins $1.97 $1.97
Total $20.78 $30.82

Possible meal combinations

  1. Vegetarian bean burrito
    • 1 tortilla
    • 1 tbsp. hummus
    • 3 spoonfuls of beans
    • 2 spoonfuls of rice
    • 2 dehydrated vegetablesFootnote 2


    1. Put tortilla on plate.
    2. Spread 2 tbsp. hummus onto tortilla.
    3. Spoon the beans and rice onto tortilla.
    4. Place 2 dehydrated tomatoes onto tortilla.
    5. Carefully roll the burrito.
    6. Eat & enjoy!
  2. Tuna burrito
    • 1 tortilla
    • 1 tbsp. hummus or salsa
    • 2 tbsp. tuna
    • 2 spoonfuls of rice
    • rehydrated vegetables


    1. Put tortilla on plate.
    2. Spread hummus or salsa onto tortilla.
    3. Spread tuna onto tortilla.
    4. Spoon rice onto tortilla.
    5. Rehydrate some vegetables and then place on tortilla.
    6. Carefully roll the burrito.
    7. Eat & enjoy!

Download the allergen declaration form (PDF, 330 KB)

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