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Master Chef: Mars

Difficulty: Moderate

Duration: 4.5 hours

Materials: Moderate

Download the PDF version (435 KB)

Mission description

In this activity, participants work in groups. Each group designs a food item, aligned with Canada's Food Guide, to send on a Mars mission. The food item can be a snack or part of a breakfast, lunch or dinner. When put together, the various food items designed by the groups could represent a day or more of eating for astronauts on Mars.


Breakdown Duration
Explanation of activity 15 minutes
Walkthrough of participant handout 15 minutes
Assignment of groups 5 minutes
Phase 1: Initial Planning 60 minutes
Phase 2: Food Design (if feasible, groups could make their item during this phase) 60 minutes
Phase 3: Presentation Planning 60 minutes
Presentations and wrap-up 60 minutes
Total Approximately 4.5 hours


To use creativity and innovation in order to design a food item for a Mars mission that is aligned with Canada's Food Guide and that appeals to the senses of taste, texture, and smell.


By the end of this activity, participants will:

Mission preparation


Participants can use the following Junior Astronaut activities as resources:

Each group will create a presentation to identify:

  1. The name and type of food item
  2. How it contributes to a healthy eating pattern
  3. How it will be processed and packaged

If it is feasible, participants can make the actual food item.

Download the participant handout (PDF, 318 KB)

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