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Cast Your Vote (Moon version)

This activity uses voting as a way to answer questions. Participants can vote using clickers or simple signs.

Grade level

Grade 4 and up (age 10 and over)

You will need

How it works

  1. Select the question bank to be used.
  2. If a tablet or computer is not available, print the questions and answers double sided and cut them out to make cards. The document is set up so that the answers will print on the back of the questions.
  3. If the participants are not using clickers, make four signs in different colours for each player using stirring sticks, glue and coloured cardboard.
  4. Ask the players a question, ideally displayed on a screen.
  5. Show the answer choices on the screen, or read them out loud and tell the players which button to press on the clicker or which colour is associated with each answer.
  6. Each player votes for the answer they believe is correct.
    1. With clickers: Press the button corresponding to the answer.
    2. Without clickers: Show the sign that is the colour corresponding to the answer.
  7. Count the votes and determine which answer is most popular.
  8. Give the correct answer and some explanations.
  9. Repeat steps 4 through 7 until all questions have been asked, or as time allows.

Curriculum focus areas

Key concepts related to the science curriculum

  • Night sky
    • Apparent movement of celestial objects
  • Earth-Moon-Sun system
    • Revolution and rotation of Earth
    • Phases of the Moon
    • Lunar and solar eclipses
    • Tides
  • Solar system
    • Sun, planets, moons, asteroids, meteorites, comets
    • Evolution of knowledge about the solar system
    • Theories on the formation and evolution of the solar system
  • Space exploration
    • Canadian and global contributions to space exploration technology and research

Complementary knowledge about the Moon

  • Visible side of the Moon
  • Comparison between our Moon and the other moons in the solar system
  • Composition of the Moon (geology)
  • Surface of the Moon (geography)
  • Formation of the Moon

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