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Do you know what it takes to become an astronaut?

Do you know the requirements and conditions to become the next Canadian astronaut? Take this quiz to find out!

  1. Question 1. Who can apply?

    Credit: NASA

  2. Question 2. Candidates are required to speak which language(s) proficiently?

    Credit: Canadian Space Agency/Chris Hadfield

  3. Question 3. Candidates must have which university degree to be eligible?

    Credit: Canadian Space Agency

  4. Question 4. In addition to the educational requirements, applicants must have how many years of professional experience?

    Credit: Ontario Science Center

  5. Question 5. Which qualities and skills are required to be part of the Canadian Space Agency's astronaut corps?

    Credit: NASA

  6. Question 6. What is the required height to be eligible?

    Credit: NASA/Victor Zelentsov

  7. Question 7. What is the required weight to be eligible?

    Credit: NASA

  8. Question 8. What kind of visual acuity is needed to be eligible?

    Credit: Canadian Space Agency

  9. Question 9. What is the required age to apply?

    Credit: Canadian Space Agency

  10. Question 10. How many astronauts were selected during the Canadian Space Agency's 2017 recruitment campaign?

    Credit: Canadian Space Agency

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