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How well do you know Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques?

Do you know the next Canadian Space Agency astronaut to fly into space? David St-Jacques is currently training to go into space at the end of 2018 as a crew member of Expedition 58/59. Test your knowledge about David and his upcoming mission with this fun quiz!

  1. Question 1. Where was David Saint-Jacques born?

    Credit: CSA

  2. Question 2. What was David's job before becoming an astronaut?

    Credit: CSA

  3. Question 3. What was David's main motivation to study and work in multiple fields?

    Credit: CSA

  4. Question 4. When was David selected to become a Canadian astronaut?

    Credit: CSA

  5. Question 5. When did David first become fascinated by space?

    Credit: NASA

  6. Question 6. Where will David go during his first mission to space in December 2018?

    Credit: CSA

  7. Question 7. What will David's responsibilities include during his mission?

    Credit: Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (GCTC)

  8. Question 8. How long will David spend in space during this first mission?

    Credit: NASA/Josh Valcarcel

  9. Question 9. Inspired by the European Space Agency's tradition of naming astronaut missions, David chose the name Perspective for his mission. Why did he choose this name?

    Credit: NASA/Josh Valcarcel

  10. Question 10. What does David consider to be his greatest life achievement?

    Credit: NASA/Bill Stafford

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