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Introduction - Scientific Integrity Policy

Canadian Space Agency's employees are engaged in fostering a culture of scientific excellence and integrity, which are at the heart of their organization's mandate and activities. A positive culture of scientific integrity strengthens the trust of employees and stakeholders in the credibility and reliability of CSA's scientific activities. It also enhances the contribution of science to evidence-informed decision-making and the development of government policy and advice. The important role of scientists in communicating scientific information is emphasized, underpinned by CSA's communication policies and the Government's engagements on open science.

To this end, the CSA working group on scientific integrity, in collaboration with the CSA Science Advisor to the President, and the CSA Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC) Stewards, led the development of the CSA Scientific Integrity Policy, which was adapted from the Government of Canada Model Policy on Scientific Integrity. The requirement to develop and implement a departmental policy originated from a commitment to scientific integrity, made in by the Government of Canada, through a Memorandum of AgreementFootnote 1,Footnote 2.

The CSA works to secure Canada's distinguished place in space science and technology in partnership with universities, industry, research centres and other government agencies across Canada and around the world. It encourages its contractors and/or collaborators involved in, or providing services in support of, research, science or related activities to comply with the provisions and intent of the CSA Scientific Integrity Policy.

For further information on the CSA Scientific Integrity Policy, contact the CSA Values and Ethics Committee at

The CSA Values and Ethics Committee is responsible for coordinating, planning, developing, implementing, communicating and monitoring values and ethics activities, policies and guidelines at the CSA.

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