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Evaluation Summary of the implementation of Gender-Based Analysis Plus at the Canadian Space Agency

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PDF version (2.10 MB) of the Evaluation Summary of the implementation of Gender-Based Analysis Plus at the Canadian Space Agency

Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA Plus) is an analytical process used to assess the potential positive and negative impacts of Government policies, programs and initiatives on diverse groups of women, men and non-binary people, and then apply corrective measures to mitigate negatives impacts, if applicable.

About the Evaluation


Constructive approach focused on implementation, and first thematic evaluation at the CSA.


Assesses the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of CSA's practices between & .

Data collection

Document and literature review, benchmarking study, internal survey and interviews.

Needs of Target Populations

Need #1

Inspire groups of people who are under-represented in STEM

Need #2

Identify and eliminate prejudices and unconscious bias

Need #3

Consider social impacts of CSA's activities

CSA's Implementation of GBA Plus Practices

  1. Responsibility Center
    Senior executive GBA Plus Champion & 12 Points of Contact
  2. Needs Assessment
    Action Plan for Increasing GBA Plus Capacity and Implementation
  3. Policy Statement
    CSA Policy on GBA Plus
  4. Training & Tools
    Mandatory training & Intranet Page for templates, data and completed GBA Plus assessments
  5. Pilot Initiative
  6. Ongoing monitoring of progress
    Only through Reports to Parliament and program

Perspectives of CSA employees

Survey Results

79% said GBA Plus is 68% important in the space field

76% said GBA Plus is a priority for senior management

75% said they have their supervisors' support to develop strategies and initiatives promoting GBA Plus

13% said they developed GBA Plus strategies or initiatives

68% satisfied how GBA Plus is handled within the CSA

54% said the CSA has a clear vision of how it plans to promote GBA Plus

39% said GBA Plus influenced decision-making and/or design and delivery of program.

76% said they have their supervisors' support to draft or review GBA Plus assessments and/or assess their quality

36% said they have the time they need to draft or review GBA Plus assessments

Facilitating Factors

Support from the Responsibility Center

Values & commitment of certain employees

Diversity-related committees

Main Challenges

Lack of GBA Plus knowledge

Unclear vision and expectations

Shortage of spacerelated disaggregated data

GBA Plus being done as an afterthought

Lack of accountability, follow-up and monitoring


  1. Determine the appropriate place for the GBA Plus Responsibility Center within the CSA and resume the GBA Plus Committee.
  2. Compile and organize existing disaggregated data for the space sector, generate analyses and render data and analyses accessible to all CSA employees.
  3. Clarify the CSA's main GBA Plus objectives and expectations, and implement mechanism to monitor progress and report on the impacts of GBA Plus.
  4. Resume GBA Plus awareness activities across the CSA to demonstrate the importance, utility and concrete applicability of GBA Plus in the space sector.
  5. Integrate GBA Plus in the CSA's Departmental Results Framework and in the CSA's three Program Information Profiles.
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