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Summary of the evaluation of the Space Capacity Development Program

What is the SCDP?

The Space Capacity Development Program (SCDP) supports activities ranging from pre-mission research and development to timely flight demonstration, while developing the space workforce of tomorrow, in order to position the Canadian space sector to seize global opportunities. The SCDP aims to provide recipients with a comprehensive approach – from idea to space – by intervening along the innovation continuum. The program combines seven CSA initiatives, each with their respective mandates and objectives, but taken collectively, they allow for an integrated approach.

How can we improve this Program?

The evaluation recommends that the CSA clarify the operational implementation of the Space Capacity Development Program's strategic vision and develop a Change Management Plan and a Communications Plan that take the program's directions into account.

The SCDP, an integrated approach to promote space innovation among students, young professionals from academia and the space industry.

About the evaluation

As part of a constructive approach, the evaluation focused on the implementation of the integrated approach proposed by the SCDP since it came into effect on .

It was conducted by the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) Evaluation Team from to in response to the Treasury Board Secretariat's Policy on Results.

The evaluation used a mixed-methods approach combining qualitative and quantitative analyses:

What did we learn?

Previous evaluations of each of the initiatives that make up the SCDP have confirmed their relevance and ability to contribute to the space capacity development.

The analysis of the conditions for success in implementing the program's integrated approach highlighted the challenges related to the integration of the complementary initiatives that make up the SCDP. Integrating programs or initiatives is an approach that requires significant planning and implementation efforts. This is the challenge currently facing the SCDP.

The evaluation recognizes the integration efforts already undertaken by program staff since the SCDP inception and their commitment to continuous improvement. The evaluation of the implementation of the integrated approach proposed by the SCDP made it possible to take stock of its implementation and provide avenues for improvement with regard to each of the seven conditions for success identified.

Seven initiatives. Text version follows:
Seven initiatives - Text version
  • Communication and Visibility
  • Planning
  • Structures and Resources
  • Vision and Leadership
  • Collaborations and Synergies
  • Agility
  • Performance Measurement

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