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Evaluation Summary of the ESA Contribution Program

What is the ESA-CP?

The fundamental purpose of the ESA-CP is to allow Canadian entities, predominantly the Canadian space industry, to participate in space missions and activities undertaken by the European Space Agency (ESA).

The program aims to enhance the capacity of the Canadian space sector through the development of space expertise in Canada (including the training of highly qualified personnel), the support to research and development activities in targeted space areas, and the access for the Canadian space sector to a broad range of international markets. The ESA-CP is targeting directly the European market, which in turn, may open up opportunities in other international market.

About the evaluation

The evaluation covers a five-years period, from to , and examines the relevance and performance of the ESA Contribution Program (ESA-CP).

Conducted by PRA Inc. on behalf of the CSA between and in accordance with the Treasury Board of Canada's Policy on Results ().

The evaluation used a mixed-methods approach that combined qualitative and quantitative analyses including :

  • Document, performance and financial data review
  • Key Informant Interviews
  • Case studies

What have we learned?

The cooperation agreement between Canada and ESA, and the ESA-CP that supports the implementation of the agreement, are critical means by which the Canadian space sector can maintain a meaningful engagement in space activities in Europe.

The strategic information and data provided through ESA-CP help key Canadian stakeholders to monitor trends in Europe and include this intelligence in the planning of their own activities.

During the evaluation period, the CSA has improved its consultation process in support of the meeting of the ESA Council at the Ministerial Level, which establishes funding priorities.

How can we improve the program?

CSA could provide opportunities for the Canadian space sector to gather (physically or virtually) to share insights on working within the ESA context, and how to maximize the benefits of such participation. This would be particularly beneficial for new entrants.

168 Contracts signed by ESA with the Canadian space sector during the evaluation period.

  • 41 Companies
  • 15 Universities
  • 2 Federal departments

€75.8 million$ in contract values associated to ESA projects over the evaluation period

¼ of all export revenues of the Canadian space sector comes from the European market

$0,73 received by the Canadian space sector for each dollar invested by the CSA with ESA- CP

Distribution of ESA contracts to the Canadian space sector
( to )

  • Microgravity and Human space flight
    • 21 contracts
    • € 26,990,683
  • Telecommunication and Navigation
    • 30 contracts
    • € 15,473,173
  • Earth Observation
    • 77 contracts
    • € 14,453,939
  • Mandatory programs and activities
    • 22 contracts
    • €10,687,379
  • Others (incl. not assigned)
    • 18 contracts
    • € 8,210,470
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