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Partners extend International Space Station

The ISS partners have committed to extending operations on the station, where, for more than 22 years now, space explorers have lived and worked continuously in low Earth orbit – a remarkable streak of uninterrupted human presence in space.

Canada, the United States, the participating countries of the European Space Agency, and Japan, have all pledged to support the ISS through , while Russia has confirmed its support through .

Since its launch, the ISS has been visited by 266 people, including CSA astronauts Julie Payette, Marc Garneau, Steve MacLean, Dave Williams, Robert Thirsk, Chris Hadfield, and David Saint-Jacques. Canada has also made other indispensable contributions, such as Canadarm2 and Dextre.

While the ISS continues towards three decades in operation, Canada and its partners are looking towards the future, with the Artemis program, and plans for another orbital outpost, Lunar Gateway, setting up a long-term presence at the Moon.

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