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Deep Space Healthcare Challenge finalist: Neursantys


Uploaded on January 23, 2024


Deep Space Healthcare Challenge finalist: Neursantys

Neursantys, Deep Space Healthcare Challenge finalist, presents NEURVESTA, its solution for the remote management of neurovestibular and sensorimotor disruptions.

The Canadian Space Agency and Impact Canada are running the Deep Space Healthcare Challenge, a competition to develop new diagnostic and detection technologies for remote communities in Canada and crews on deep-space missions.  (Credits: Canadian Space Agency, NASA, Impact Canada, McGill University's Steinberg Centre for Simulation and Interactive Learning – Office of Education Technology and E-learning Collaboration for Health, Neursantys)


Dr. John Ralston: We are now controlling his vestibular system, and we’re rocking him to the left and to the right.

Test subject: Whoa!

Dr. John Ralston: A significant challenge of remote healthcare is that remote communities tend to have much older populations.

These populations tend to suffer from a lot of motor and balance and cognitive impairments, for which there are no pharmaceutical solutions.

At Neursantys, we've developed the first bioelectronic solution both to discover the right treatment and to deliver the treatment. 

And because in space, balance decline and the other aging impairments are accelerated this is proving to be a very, very exciting and important solution for long-duration space missions. 


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