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Deep Space Healthcare Challenge finalist: MD Applications


Uploaded on January 16, 2024


Deep Space Healthcare Challenge finalist: MD Applications

MD Applications presents its solution for the Deep Space Healthcare Challenge: EZResus, a mobile application for resuscitation.

The Canadian Space Agency and Impact Canada are running the Deep Space Healthcare Challenge, a competition to develop new diagnostic and detection technologies for remote communities in Canada and crews on deep-space missions.  (Credits: Canadian Space Agency, Impact Canada, McGill University's Steinberg Centre for Simulation and Interactive Learning – Office of Education Technology and E-learning Collaboration for Health, MD Applications)


Woman paramedic: In cardiac arrest. We gave two shots, but no ROSC for now.


Man doctor: All right. Catherine, can you work on the IV?


Woman nurse: Yeah.


Man doctor: And we’ll do a pulse check in two seconds. Are you ready, Delphine? All right.


Dr. Lemaire: So MD Applications is a non-profit organization with the goal of saving lives during the first hour of the resuscitation. 


Dr. Lemaire: So we do this with a mobile app that condenses all the relevant knowledge of the first hour of the resuscitation. We're talking about drug dosing, equipment, so that everyone doesn't need to do any mental calculation and can focus on what really matters: the patient.


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