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Photographing the Moon with your phone


Uploaded on December 23, 2022

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Photographing the Moon with your phone

2022-12-23 – Capturing photographs of the Moon can be a challenge. Learn how to take great pictures of the Moon using a smartphone. Adding a tripod or telescope and mount can allow you to get even clearer images. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)


Three ways to use your smartphone to photograph the Moon

1. Smartphone

Look for the Moon shortly after sunset, on an evening when it appears as a crescent.

The Moon will be visible low in the sky while there is still some light out.

Frame the Moon with an interesting object, like a monument or a building.

Tap and hold your phone to lock the focus on the foreground.

Scroll to change brightness as necessary.

2. Smartphone + tripod

Use a tripod to reduce shaking and get clearer photos.

Use your phone’s built-in Night Mode feature.

Or use a dedicated astrophotography app.

Point your phone towards the Moon.

The tripod lets you zoom in and make fine adjustments.

3. Smartphone + telescope + mount

Taking smartphone photos of the Moon by hand can be frustrating.

A smartphone mount lets you attach your phone to your telescope’s eyepiece.

This makes it easier to get clear photos.

The added stability lets you focus, adjust lighting, and zoom in on areas of the Moon.

Editing photos on your phone

Adjust exposure, contrast, and more with your phone.

Have fun and share your shots with us!


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