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The celestial targets to look at with the James Webb Space Telescope


Uploaded on April 29, 2022


The celestial targets to look at with the James Webb Space Telescope

2022-04-29 – The James Webb Space Telescope has a list of scientific targets based on chosen observation programs. Some of the scientific targets chosen by Canadian researchers are:

• Exoplanets
• Formation of galaxies
• Massive stars
• Brown dwarfs

As the mission evolves, more targets could be added. (Credits: Canadian Space Agency, NASA)


Sarah Gallagher: We asked you what you wanted to know about the science of Webb.

David Saint-Jacques: And we’re here to answer your questions.

David Saint-Jacques: Hi, I’m David Saint-Jacques.

Sarah Gallagher: And I’m Sarah Gallagher.

David Saint-Jacques and Sarah Gallagher: And you are an astrophysicist!

David Saint-Jacques: Does the telescope already have a set of targets to look at?

Sarah Gallagher: The telescope already has a list of targets that are part of different observing programs that have been chosen.

Just to name a few, Canadian researchers will be focusing their research on exoplanets; the formation of galaxies; massive stars and their environments;

and brown dwarfs, which are small stars, smaller than our Sun, that aren’t massive enough to fuse hydrogen into helium.

David Saint-Jacques: More questions will arise as Webb opens a new chapter in our understanding of the universe.

Sarah Gallagher: Join astronomers from across Canada and around the world on a thrilling journey of discovery.


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