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What is a CubeSat?


Uploaded on March 25, 2022

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What is a CubeSat?

2022-03-25 – A CubeSat is a square-shaped miniature satellite (roughly the size of a Rubik's cube), weighing about 1 kg. CubeSats can be used to test instruments, conduct science experiments, enable commercial applications and support educational projects.

The Canadian CubeSat Project is providing professors in post-secondary institutions with an opportunity to engage their students in a real space mission. Through this national initiative, winning teams of professors and students are offered the unique opportunity to design and build their own CubeSat. (Credits: Canadian Space Agency, NASA, University of Alberta)

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Do you know what a CubeSat is?

It’s a miniature satellite that is 10 cm per side and weighs about 1 kg.

What makes CubeSats so popular?

They’re simple, versatile, inexpensive and easy to build.

But what can they do?

Test instruments

Conduct science experiments

Enable commercial applications

Support educational projects

How are they launched into space?

From a rocket or from the International Space Station.

Like other satellites, they can be flown alone or in a constellation network.

Canadian CubeSats orbit in space just like others that come from dozens of countries.

Follow the Canadian CubeSat Project adventure!


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