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Space in service of agriculture


Uploaded on February 22, 2022


Space in service of agriculture

2022-02-22 – Satellite data fosters the development of sustainable agriculture and helps farmers better manage resources such as water, pesticides and fertilizer. This way, farmers can maximize the use of their lands, which in turn benefits all Canadians. (Credits: Canadian Space Agency, NASA, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada)


Food is vital to our survival.

Agriculture plays an important role in Canadian society and in our economy.

We are working in collaboration with the private sector, academia and governments…

…to find solutions to challenges in the agricultural sector.

7 ways to support agriculture with satellites

1. Monitor plant growth and estimate crop productivity.

2. Better forecast precipitation and risk of crop disease.

3. Avoid waste of fertilizer, pesticide and water.

4. Assess soil moisture and irrigation requirements.

5. Maximize crop yields while reducing energy consumption.

6. Facilitate sustainable management of farmlands.

7. Assess soil and crop health.

Satellites are not alone in supporting progress in agriculture.

In space, astronauts are exploring

a most promising line of research to travel further:

space agriculture!


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