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It’s a wrap for the Junior Astronaut Camp!


Uploaded on August 13, 2021


It’s a wrap for the Junior Astronaut Camp!

2021-08-13 – The 52 young Canadians from across the country who virtually joined astronauts, engineers and scientists from the Canadian Space Agency for an exciting week of space training were bright, curious and engaged.

The Junior Astronaut Camp offered them a unique chance to learn about many space careers as well as the scientific, physical and leadership qualities needed to develop if they strive to participate to a future mission to the Moon. This is the summary of their week. (Credits: Canadian Space Agency, SpaceX, Google Earth, NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University)


Welcome to the Junior Astronaut Camp!

I would like you to take away from our discussion today, that space is changing rapidly.
And your space future doesn’t look anything like my space present.
We recognize that there is so much more capability in you.
And you could help us tackle some of the problems in the future.

Could you please add 10 degrees to the right? Then we should be clear for translation.

The solutions to the world’s problems are in your heads.
Of course you still have a lot of things to learn, but you have tremendous potential. Believe in yourselves! You are our future!


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