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Explore the universe from your own backyard!


Uploaded on June 17, 2021


Explore the universe from your own backyard!

2021-06-17 – Astronaut David Saint-Jacques and the Canadian Space Agency invite you to try a night sky observation activity using a star finder (to be printed) and mobile applications. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)

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David Saint-Jacques: Hello! This is David Saint-Jacques, Canadian Space Agency astronaut.

On this very peculiar year, for Canada Day,

I invite you to explore the universe right from your home!

Just download and print our star finder, cut it out along the dotted lines, then go outside.

Put the viewfinder over the star chart, line up the time with the date, you will get a sky map with the celestial objects you can observe.

Embark on an adventure through the cosmos as navigators have done for thousands of years.

Of course, if you’re a more of modern-day explorer, you can also download a mobile application to help you.

Who knows: maybe you’ll be able to see the International Space Station fly over!

You can find all the details on the Canadian Space Agency website.

So, happy stargazing, and happy Canada Day, everyone!


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