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World Teachers' Day 2020: shout-out to all Canadian teachers!


Uploaded on October 2, 2020


World Teachers' Day 2020: shout-out to all Canadian teachers!

2020-10-02 – The Canadian Space Agency recognizes the colossal work of teachers all across Canada, especially during this atypical year. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)


David: Thanks to Mr. Bacon, my Secondary 5 physics teacher, who showed me that physics not only explains the world, but is also very elegant, very beautiful.

Kumudu: I would like to say thank you to Ms. Susan Heckler, my Grade 2 teacher, who saw something in me that at that time I couldn’t see in myself. I was a very shy kid, and she saw that I had so much potential, and that just gave me the confidence, which translated throughout all my schooling and now into my career as an engineer at the Canadian Space Agency.

Didier: One big shout-out to Miss Bah and Herr Bezeaud, my English and German professors, who instilled in me their passion for foreign languages, while Mrs. Kouassi made me travel and explore the world from my desk through her lively geography classes. Today, I am proudly contributing to space exploration alongside other engineers who, like me, speak some foreign languages.

Hope: I would like to thank my junior high teacher, Ms. Osmond, who taught me to use critical thinking when reading articles and encouraged me to read more on topics I’m curious about and taught me to be more creative when writing. All of these skills have helped me in both my personal and professional lives.

Jeremy: Thank you to Mr. Robinson for helping to create a passion for learning through participation in early robotics and coding activities.

Miriam: I would like to take this moment to shout-out Madame Virginie, one of my elementary school teachers. She taught with such enthusiasm and she made learning so much fun, and it really inspired us to be the best that we can be. So, thank you!


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