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Chili for space


Uploaded on June 10, 2019

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Chili for space

2019-06-10 - To add variety to the standard Space Station menu, crew members can request a selection of some of their favourite foods. David Saint-Jacques enjoys a special chili, inspired by his wife's con caribou* chili recipe.

*Caribou is replaced by bison in this space version. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)


What is David’s favourite meal in space?

David Saint-Jacques: This is very special food for me, because that’s a food that… a recipe that… my wife prepared for me.

What’s in the package?

Chili, with a very special flavour!

David Saint-Jacques: Véronique was able to go to a special laboratory to make a family dish, which was dehydrated and then sent up to space for me. This is the meal that I share with my friends on special occasions.

Véronique Morin: We worked with a Quebec company that makes dehydrated meals in order to dehydrate my infamous chili con caribou, which is our favourite dehydrated camping food that I make regularly, and that I dehydrate myself.

Does the chili taste just as good in space as it does on Earth? David did a taste test…

David Saint-Jacques: Okay, the moment of truth… Perfectly re-hydrated… Here, we don’t worry about dishes. Cut the package with scissors. Texture is good. Smells great. Just like at home!



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