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Living and working in space


Uploaded on May 31, 2019


Living and working in space

2019-05-31 - Since David Saint-Jacques boarded the International Space Station on December 3, 2018, his work has kept him very busy, and he has had the chance to perform many tasks.

Here are some memorable moments and milestones from his time in space so far. (Credits: Canadian Space Agency, NASA)


David Saint-Jacques: Welcome onboard the Space Station.

Voice over: David Saint-Jacques, Canadian Space Agency astronaut, has been aboard the International Space Station for six months already.

Voice over: On March 1st, David had the chance to take part in a world first: the test flight of the Crew Dragon spacecraft. David was the first astronaut to enter the capsule, which was uninhabited… well, almost!

David Saint-Jacques: Farewell, Dragon! Farewell, Ripley.

Voice over: On March 14, three new crewmates arrived on the Station. The six astronauts will work together until late June.

Voice over: On April 8, David Saint-Jacques conducted his first spacewalk.

David Saint-Jacques: Good morning, TC. Ready.

Voice over: He was accompanied by NASA astronaut Anne McClain.

Voice over: For six and a half hours, they carried out a number of tasks, including connecting cables to provide an alternate power supply for Canadarm2.

Voice over: David became the fourth Canadian Space Agency astronaut to perform a spacewalk.

David Saint-Jacques: We take time to look around us. We take time to try to let it all sink in. To be honest, I’m sure it will take weeks, months, or maybe even years for the experience to really sink in.

Voice over: On May 4, David controlled Canadarm2 to capture SpaceX’s Dragon cargo ship.

David Saint-Jacques: Welcome onboard Dragon!

Voice over: With a few weeks remaining before his departure, David continues to support critical operations on board the International Space Station and to enjoy this unique experience of living in space.

Voice over: It is a very humbling privilege to be here. Very, very few people have had that chance to see these views.


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