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Space plumber


Uploaded on February 7, 2019

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Space plumber

2019-02-07 - NASA astronaut Anne McClain checks in on CSA astronaut David Saint-Jacques, who is repairing the toilet on the International Space Station. (Credits: Canadian Space Agency, NASA)


Anne McClain: So I come in the bathroom and this is what I see. There is piping, cords everywhere, there’s lots of noise, and there’s a camera. What do you think is going on? Ah! We have a space plumber! What is David doing in there? How is the toilet looking?

David Saint-Jacques: Where am I? How are you doing?

Anne McClain: Is it just like at home? A couple of pipes?

David Saint-Jacques: Yes, the only problem is that I can’t call a professional plumber if I need help.

Anne McClain: Oh! You are a professional.

David Saint-Jacques: Call the ground. You should have your toilet back in about an hour.

Anne McClain: Should! Ha ha!


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