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Official release of The Explorers Club, a space-themed e-book


Uploaded on December 21, 2018


Official release of The Explorers Club, a space-themed e-book

2018-12-21 - The Canadian Space Agency releases an e-book, inviting children on the spaciest adventure of their lives! During the event, David read the book for the first time, directly from space. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)

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Annie A. Bélanger: Today, Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques is going to read us a story live from space. (5 sec.) If there’s enough time, David will also answer some of the children’s questions.

David Saint-Jacques: Hello, everyone!

I don’t have a paper copy of the book with me, but I have the electronic version. So I’ll read it to you.

Meet the Explorers Club: Niko, Layla, Mathias and Gemma. Oh, and don’t forget their curious puppy, Chewie.

On this day, the five explorers were hanging out in their treehouse. Suddenly, Niko’s parents’ broken old television came to life!

Layla said, “Check it out everyone! It’s David Saint-Jacques, the Canadian astronaut!

Many many busy busy minutes later, the kids stood back and admired their work – a fantastic-looking doggy spaceship and an even more fantastic one for kids!

OH NO! Chewie accidentally hit a button that BLASTED him off into outer space!

In a flash, Gemma launched the children’s spaceship to chase after their beloved pet.


They expertly navigated through all the dangers like true astronauts. Phew, they made it!

“It’s the International Space Station!”

David waved to them from the window. And Chewie was right there with him! He had raced off, wanting to visit with David this whole time.

Chewie climbed into the kids’ ship. And not a moment too soon, as it was long past time to head back to Earth.

They sped towards Earth.

Finally, the ship’s giant rainbow parachute popped open.

They were back in the treehouse! The five explorers looked up at the night sky. They all had smiles and wonder filling their eyes.

Dare to explore!


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