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Discussion between Julie Payette and David Saint-Jacques


Uploaded on December 10, 2018


Discussion between Julie Payette and David Saint-Jacques

2018-12-10 - At the NASA's Johnson Space Center (JSC), the Governor General of Canada, Julie Payette, speaks briefly to David Saint-Jacques, who is now aboard the International Space Station. (Credits: Canadian Space Agency, NASA)



Julie Payette: Hi David.

David Saint-Jacques: Hi Julie. How are you? Welcome aboard.

Julie Payette: Thanks. We can see you really well in the JEM. Here at Mission Control today with me are Jenni and Jeremy. And Mike Geyer is also here with me, and the entire Mission Control. It’s kind of returning to a former life here. How are you?

David Saint-Jacques: Nice to hear you. Yes, it must be special for you to come back to Mission Control. You spent so much time as a CAPCOM yourself. Things are going great here. It has been already a week. I can hardly believe it.

Julie Payette: So you are all set up now? And you know what to do? Everywhere? Every corner?

David Saint-Jacques: Not quite yet. I wouldn’t say that. We are blessed, Anne and I, that we were welcomed by Alex and Serena, who have been such great hosts and mentors for us. Every day, we’re learning from their vast experience, and hopefully our rate of goofy rookie mistakes is going down.

Julie Payette: Well, you say hello to the rest of the crew for me, please, and for Serena in particular, because she was a flight surgeon on STS-127 way back when.

David Saint-Jacques: Sure. I remember the first time I met her was in Florida, when I was there to see your launch. She was your flight doc. That’s the first time I met her.

Julie Payette: Well, we were lucky to do the same for you and be there for your launch. It was magnificent. Everyone was dazzled by the power of the rocket, and your family was outstanding. It was a great privilege.

David Saint-Jacques: I’m really happy that it went well for everyone, for the guests, and it’s a special moment, obviously, in the life of—not just me, but of our family and all our friends. It was also a privilege to know that you were there, with all your experience, and your—the friendship that you’ve formed with my wife. It was very reassuring for me to know that you were there with her.

Julie Payette: Well, we’re lucky to be here this morning. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me. We won’t keep you any longer. We know that the schedulers are here, the planners, and they’re probably making sure that your day is full. The entire Orbit 1 is standing by so we’re not going to take you—take any more of your time. Just to say that as you know, we’re all behind you. We’re very proud of you in Canada. We’ll be following the mission with a lot of interest. And we will be watching from the northern latitudes.

David Saint-Jacques: Thanks, Julie. It’s great talking to you. Thanks for making the time. Say hi to everybody back home, and looking forward to speaking to you in person later on this year, and… if not in person, this summer.

Julie Payette: Absolutely. See you soon. Goodbye.


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