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AI-based medical care for deep space exploration


Uploaded on October 23, 2018


AI-based medical care for deep space exploration

2018-10-23 - Former Canadian Space Agency astronaut Robert Thirsk shares his thoughts on the future of medical care in space: how astronauts could provide their own medical care and get a helping hand from artificial intelligence (AI)-based robots. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)


Bob Thirsk: What's exciting for me is that humanity will soon be leaving low-Earth orbit and heading further into the solar system and into deep space.

My experience has taught me that whenever we have ventured to a different place in space, or when we take on a different activity that we've done before, we can expect a new health care concern or another medical problem to arise.

As we leave low-Earth orbit and venture onto these deeper space destinations, we must create medical care systems that make the astronauts more autonomous for delivering their own care.

I expect that robots and artificial intelligence will play a major role aboard these long-distance, long-duration space missions to help astronauts with the diagnoses and treatment of maladies that might arise.


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