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David Saint-Jacques invites Canadian students to participate in educational project


Uploaded on July 17, 2018


David Saint-Jacques invites Canadian students to participate in educational project

2018-07-17 - Canadian Space Agency astronaut David Saint-Jacques invites students from elementary and high schools across Canada to participate in the Living Space educational project, developed by Let's Talk Science in partnership with the Canadian Space Agency. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)

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David Saint-Jacques: Hi, I’m David Saint-Jacques, I’m an astronaut with the Canadian Space Agency.

During my mission, Let’s Talk Science and the Canadian Space Agency are partnering to invite classrooms all over Canada, to participate in a new educational project.

This is how it will work: while I’m in space, you will monitor the environment in your classrooms and investigate how environmental factors influence your mental and physical health.

Your measurements and data will be fed into a national dataset, which you will have access to, so you’ll also be able to compare with data from other locations across Canada, as well as with my data, on the International Space Station!

You will also be asked to look for solutions and make changes to your environment, and then, to measure the impact of these changes on your well-being.

If you ask me, it’s a fantastic opportunity for you to be a part of Canada’s next space mission! And, at the same time, you can work on computational thinking skills and coding.

So… Want to do science on Earth while I do science in space? Maybe we can even trade notes!

Check out the Let’s Talk Science website to find out how your classroom can participate.



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