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Kids' questions – Part 1: What would you do if you met aliens?


Uploaded on March 31, 2017

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Kids' questions – Part 1: What would you do if you met aliens?

Some of the candidates participating in Canada's 2017 astronaut selection process answer a question from Daria, 4 years old: What would you do if you met aliens? (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)

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What would you do if you met aliens?

Answer 1: I don’t know! I think I’d be kind of a little bit afraid initially, but then if they’re nice aliens I could go up and talk to them and figure out what the aliens wanted, and we could maybe even become friends. Who knows?   

Answer 2: I think I would try to be friends. I’m actually a biologist, and so what I do here on Earth is try to ask questions about how life works and understand it. So I think that meeting aliens and being able to ask them questions and figure out how life might work off our planet would be such an incredible opportunity. 

Answer 3: I would ask them all about where they came from, their homes, their culture and want to learn all about their planet too. I think that then together with the aliens, we could go and explore the solar system and explore even outside the solar system, try and find places that neither of us had been before. 

Answer 4: My first thought was potentially I’ve met an alien. We’ve had asteroids and meteorites that have landed on Earth. You can see them all at your local museum potentially. But if I met an alien I think the first thing I’d say is hello. Probably the next best thing would be the Canadian way of saying I’m sorry – sorry I bumped into you. But I sure look forward to the opportunity to be able to potentially meet an alien. I thank you for your question. Keep them coming. You take care.


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