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Kids’ questions – Part 2: At what age did you decide to become an astronaut?


Uploaded on March 31, 2017

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Kids’ questions – Part 2: At what age did you decide to become an astronaut?

Some of the candidates participating in Canada’s 2017 astronaut selection process answer this question: At what age did you decide to become an astronaut? Thanks to Bronwyn, 5 years old, from Winnipeg, Manitoba; Emma, 12 years old, from Gull Lake, Alberta; Natalia, 13 years old, from Cosmopolis, Brazil; Emily, 15 years old, from Vancouver, British Columbia; Maryna, 12 years old, from the United Arab Emirates; and Madison and Addison, 9 years old, from St. Catharines, Ontario, for the question. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)

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At what age did you decide to become an astronaut?

Answer 1: Well, the answer goes back to about when I was 12 years old. I was looking at the night sky with some friends, and someone pointed out the planet Venus. It simply blew me away that someone can see another planet with their naked eye. So from then on I was passionate about astronomy and space exploration. It eventually led me to my current career as an astronomer.

Answer 2: I was just eight years old. I thought that flying to space would be amazing. As time went on, I had many other interests. I got into science and engineering. In the end, I became an air combat systems officer. Every time I went up in a military aircraft, I wanted to push the frontiers of the sky. That’s why in July 2016, at age 36, I made up my mind once again to become an astronaut.

Answer 3: I was probably 6 or 7 when I first started pretending to be an astronaut. I remember being back home, putting on my winter snowsuit in the middle of the summer, and bounding around my house pretending I was on Mars or lying down on the floor and rumbling and pretending I was in a rocket ship going all the way up to space. I’ve used that dream as a guiding light through everything I’ve done, and it’s led me to here. I’m really excited to be still in the running.

Answer 4: The truth is it’s really been something I’ve always dreamed of ever since I was a kid. The first thing I can remember playing with is a space shuttle, and it wasn’t until this campaign that I realized I might actually have a chance of following that dream. So thank you so much for your question. I think the important thing to take from that is just follow your dreams, keep going for them, and the world will be good to you.


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