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How space weather affects GPS and communications


Uploaded on June 10, 2015


How space weather affects GPS and communications

2015-06-10 - Geomagnetic storms are a serious threat to satellites as their electronic components are sensitive to the energy particles ejected by the Sun. Satellites can malfunction, interrupting satellite TV, Internet and cell phone services, and interfere with the Global Positioning System (GPS) used to for travel, farming, construction, snow removal and other applications essential to a functional society.

With better predictions, satellite operators can put their spacecraft into safe modes and shut down vulnerable components. The Canadian Space Agency supports the universities of Alberta, Calgary, and Waterloo to better understand space weather and develop applications to increase the resilience of infrastructure to the impact of space weather. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)

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Is your entire life on your smartphone? Imagine losing service...

Or TV signal just as you’re about to sit back and relax...

And what if you got lost on your travels because your GPS is disabled?

Space weather is a serious threat to the sensitive electronic components of satellites, which are now critical to our modern life.  



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