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CSA astronaut David Saint-Jacques inspires students


Uploaded on May 1, 2015


CSA astronaut David Saint-Jacques inspires students

2015-05-01 - Our Canadian astronauts Jeremy Hansen and David Saint-Jacques are our best and most visible ambassadors. David recently spoke with students from Collège international Marie-de-France in Montreal via Skype live from Houston – an inspiring experience for all involved!

Have you, your kids, your students, your neighbour ever been inspired by the work we do, by space? Tell us your stories with videos, Vines, drawings, poems, pictures, art… Surprise us! Post them to Twitter and Facebook using the #CSAinspire hashtag. We'll be on the lookout! (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)


Boy 1:  “I’m probably going to become a scientist, but I could maybe do something with space too because that was really interesting, what he was talking about.”

Boy 1:  “I like the fact that he said that he had a dream.”

Girl:  “I want to do something with science, for sure.”

Boy 2:  “After this experience I’ve had a big head start to becoming an astronaut.”


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