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Chris' kitchen part deux: space spinach strikes back


Uploaded on March 20, 2013

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Chris' kitchen part deux: space spinach strikes back

2013-03-20 - In our last episode, CSA Astronaut Chris Hadfield used the force--er, microgravity--to make a peanut butter and honey tortilla sandwich that was “not too bad.” Now he faces a new challenge: dehydrated spinach. Can Chris harness the resources of the ISS to deal with the persistent issue of dried space greens? The fate of the Commander's diet is decided in the very last seconds, so keep watching to the end! (Credits: Canadian Space Agency, NASA)


Chris Hadfield: Let's talk about space food. Vegetables are important for your health, and so today I've chosen dried spinach. To prepare the spinach, you just attach it to the water distributor, choose the right quantity, and push the button. And it's like magic: dried spinach, and spinach ready to eat.


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