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Montreal band Simple Plan launches their "Astronaut" into space


Uploaded on August 29, 2012


Montreal band Simple Plan launches their "Astronaut" into space

2012-08-29 - Before performing at the Sarnia BayFest in July 2012, three of Simple Plan's band members recorded a send-off video message for Canadian Space Agency astronaut Chris Hadfield. Hadfield will be playing the band's "Astronaut" song during his upcoming 6-month space mission, scheduled for launch in December 2012. Sébastien Lefebvre, Pierre Bouvier and Chuck Comeau of Montreal's band Simple Plan with Chris 2D. (Credit: Simple Plan/Coalition Music)


Pierre Bouvier, singer: Hey, what’s up?  We are Simple Plan.  My name’s Pierre

Chuck Comeau, drummer: I’m Chuck.

Sébastien Lefebvre, guitarist: And I’m Sebastian, sending a message of good luck to our, our friend over here, Chris Hadfield (showing a 2D cardboard cutout of Chris Hadfield).

Pierre: He’s from Sarnia, Ontario.  And guess what?  We are in Sarnia, Ontario today. 

Chuck: Home town, baby. 

Pierre: It is your home town and this man here, if you don’t know him, is doing incredible things. As you can see by his suit, he’s a firefighter. 

Sébastien: Naw, that’s an astronaut suit actually, yeah. 

Pierre: And that we have a song called Astronaut. 

Sébastien: We do.  We wrote a song. 

Unidentified Male: (inaudible).

Sébastien: Yeah. That’s Chris. 

Chuck: And it’s about this guy right here. And what does he do? What does he, what’s he do? You know, this guy is pretty amazing, he’s not just some regular astronaut. He’s going to be the first Canadian who’s going to be the Commander in Chief of the Space Station and he’s leaving in December 2012, which is in a few months.

Pierre: From Kazakhstan. Yes! 

Pierre and Sébastien: Very nice. 

Chuck: (inaudible) Russia rocket and he’s going to basically make the whole country really proud.  And you know, it’s pretty awesome so we wrote a song about him, it’s called Astronaut. 

Pierre: And we just want to say good luck on your mission and enjoy it up there, and you should probably play this song Astronaut.  It’s kind of your theme song, so

Chuck: And we have a deal.  You have to play the song in space.

Sébastien: It’s very easy, A minor, then F, then D minor, then G.  That’s it. 

Chuck: You know, he’s, he’s actually a song writer and a guitar player.  So

Pierre: I guess you didn’t know, we are huge in space.  We have tons of fans out there, so you might bump into some of them over there. 

Sébastien: (inaudible) that show on Mars. Yeah, it’s going to be epic. 

Pierre: So anyways, good luck Chris and we’re thinking about you.  We’re proud to be Canadian, just like you. 

Chuck: Enjoy.  Have fun. 

Sébastien: Lift off! Oh no, that’s it (bumping Chris 2D into the ceiling). Have fun!

Chuck: We don’t want this to happen.


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