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David Saint-Jacques - Astronaut candidate training


Uploaded on September 12, 2011


David Saint-Jacques - Astronaut candidate training

2011-07-06 - David Saint-Jacques during basic spacewalking skills training in the Johnson Space Center Neutral Buoyancy Lab (NBL) pool, July 6, 2011. (Credit: NASA)


Unidentified Speaker:  EV-1 completed.  Retrieving (indiscernible)

Unidentified Speaker:  Okay, copy.  And we’ll see you at the starboard (indiscernible) for your tow out to the nadir handrail.

Unidentified Speaker:  Okay.

David Saint-Jacques:  Okay.  So I’ve stowed the new DBCU to the (indiscernible) cart.  I’m letting go, readying VRT. 

Unidentified Speaker:  Okay.  Can you tell us how you’ve secured it to the (indiscernible) cart?

David Saint-Jacques:  So I have an adjustable -- so what I actually secured is the stanchion cover.

Unidentified Speaker:  Copy.

David Saint-Jacques:  So that is secured by an adjustable by the zenith handrail on the (indiscernible) cart, and a (indiscernible) on the port, on the starboard handrail of the (indiscernible) cart. 

Unidentified Speaker:  Okay, copy.

David Saint-Jacques:  And I’ve cinched the adjustable as much as possible so to keep the new DBCU as high as possible -- as zenith as possible.  So I’ll be doing my (indiscernible) now.

Unidentified Speaker:  Copy.

Unidentified Speaker:  Okay, EV-1, you’re at max (indiscernible)

David Saint-Jacques:  Okay, thanks. 

Unidentified Speaker:  (indiscernible) swapped out but you are there to assist as required. 

David Saint-Jacques:  Yes.

Unidentified Speaker:  And the first tool on the list is for the torque multiplier.

David Saint-Jacques:  Okay.  I’ll make sure that’s easily available.

Unidentified Speaker:  So to clearly (indiscernible), the APFR is set up...


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