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Mission patch - Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques

This mission patch was designed for the first space flight of Canadian Space Agency astronaut David Saint Jacques. 

The image represents the power of dreams and evokes the role of space exploration in our evolving perspective of life on Earth. The North Star (dreams) and compass rose (reason) have always guided explorers. These form the central element of the patch. The trail of the star is composed of four colours, signifying pillars of innovation: red (energy and passion), orange (creativity), white (science) and blue (international collaboration). The four stars surrounding the North Star symbolize all those who pool their talents in support of this mission. Earth figures prominently on the patch. In space, the splendour and fragility of our planet are revealed. In this way, space exploration gives us a new perspective on our world. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)

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Photo taken on February 22, 2018

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