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Bio-Monitor: Canada's Smart Shirt for Space - Infographic


2018-10-19 - This infographic features an image of Bio-Monitor, a "smart shirt" to be worn by astronauts during their missions to the International Space Station. Bio-Monitor will keep a watchful eye on astronauts' vital signs. The system will continuously record their heart and breathing rates, electrical activity of the heart, blood pressure, breathing volume, skin temperature, physical activity level and blood oxygen level, without interfering with their daily activities. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)

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  • Bio-Monitor uses non-invasive sensors to continuously monitor astronauts' vital signs including:
    • blood oxygen level,
    • blood pressure,
    • heart rate and electrical activity (electrocardiogram)
    • skin temperature,
    • breathing volume,
    • and activity level.
  • The information is relayed through an on-orbit controller to scientists on the ground.
  • This information is valuable for a number of human health experiments conducted on the ISS.
  • Future uses of Bio-Monitor include:
    • Monitoring housebound patients with chronic medical issues.
    • Monitoring the performance of athletes.
    • Telemedicine: Monitoring patients in remote communities with limited access to their doctors.
    • Ensuring the safety of people working in strenuous work environments.

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Photo taken on October 19, 2018

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