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Careers linked to Space Exploration – People behind the 2016 Mars Sample Return Simulation - Infographic


2016-11-18 - From geology to robotics engineering: discover how many different careers are related to space exploration. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)

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The infographic shows photos of the five people behind the 2016 Mars sample return simulation mission. In the background is a picture of a rover in the Utah desert.

Alongside each person's photo is their profile, which identifies their career related to space exploration and their responsibilities as part of the mission.

Sarah Simpson, PhD student, Western University
Member of the Science Team, Sarah monitors one of the scientific instruments on the rover. She provides scientific interpretations on the data received while informing the team of the instrument's constraints and capabilities.

Robotics Engineering
David Gingras, Canadian Space Agency

In addition to being responsible for logistics in the Utah desert, David makes sure that the rover is properly assembled and is ready to perform its daily operations.

Eric Pilles, Post-doctoral fellow, Western University
Acting as Planning Lead, Eric monitors the progression of daily and long-term plans while considering the overall mission goals. He monitors the health and performance of the rover, and approves the operations sequences sent to the rover.

Space Engineering
Katiyayni Balachandran, undergraduate student, Lassonde School of Engineering
Working closely with the Science Team, Katiyayni helps plan the rover operations sequence so that the science objectives for the day can be met. She establishes instructions for the rover, including operations related to the robotic arm.

Tianqi Xie, PhD student, Western University
As part of the Science Team, Tianqi oversees the operations of one of the instruments on the rover. She informs the team of the instrument's constraints and capabilities, and provides scientific interpretations on the data received.

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