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Uranus – NIRCam

2023-04-06 – Following in the footsteps of the Neptune image released in 2022, NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has taken a stunning image of the solar system’s other ice giant, the planet Uranus. The new image features dramatic rings as well as bright features in the planet’s atmosphere. The Webb data demonstrates the observatory’s unprecedented sensitivity for the faintest dusty rings, which have only ever been imaged by two other facilities: the Voyager 2 spacecraft as it flew past the planet in 1986, and the Keck Observatory with advanced adaptive optics.

Webb is an international program led by NASA with its partners, the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency. (Credits: NASA, ESA, Canadian Space Agency, STScI, Image processing: J. DePasquale (STScI))

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File size: 2.34 MB
Image size: 2000 x 2000 pixels
Resolution: 72 dpi

Photo taken on April 6, 2023

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