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Looking for a career? Have you thought about space?


2020-05-21 – Poster showcasing a few career options within the space field to inspire students in their field of study (engineering, astrophysics, geomorphology, biology, laboratories, medicine, etc.). 

Download the 24 in x 36 in poster (PDF, 2.9 MB). (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)

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I work on Earth observation satellites that provide data to different types of users, such as farmers, scientists, emergency responders and coast guards.


In my role at the Canadian Space Agency, I provide the Agency and Canada's Chief Science Advisor with a scientist's perspective on space activities.


I am helping find ways to shoot lasers at asteroids. I am also on an international committee that's developing the plan for how we would deal with future Mars samples.


Reading the book "War of the Worlds" made me want to work in the space or microbiology fields. I chose microbiology, but I always think it's quite remarkable that I ended up going full circle and back to space.


My role at the Canadian Space Agency is to oversee activities that take place in the laboratory. I also work on the stratospheric balloon campaigns in Timmins.


I look after the health of astronauts before, during and after their mission, by performing various medical evaluations and monitoring activities.

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