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7 ways to help the Arctic with satellites


The Arctic faces a number of challenges. Our satellites keep an eye on this vast territory and its biodiversity. They monitor signs of climate change and sea ice, helping communities travel safely and facilitating navigation for ships. This visual illustrates 7 of the many ways space serves the Arctic and the Great Canadian North. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)

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  • Monitor the Arctic Ocean, keep an eye on fishing activities and locate oil spills
  • Manage marine traffic to minimize impacts on the environment and the coasts
  • Study the northern lights and the effect of solar storms on infrastructure and communications
  • Improve access to health care in remote regions via telemedicine
  • Monitor permafrost thaw and other impacts of climate change
  • Track ice movement to ensure sea routes and ice roads are safe
  • Better understand changes in ecosystems

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Photo taken on December 13, 2018

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