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3D printing – model of the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft

2018-09-21 - NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission marks the first time Canada is participating in an asteroid sample return. The goal of the mission is to bring a sample of asteroid Bennu to Earth. Canada’s contribution is a lidar instrument that was designed to create a 3D map of Bennu in order to help scientists select a sample site.

Taking a closer look at carbon-rich Bennu may help answer questions about how our solar system formed and how life on Earth began.

Download this file (.STL) to 3D print your miniature model of the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft

Scale: 1:72
Size: 3.9 cm × 8.2 cm × 3.6 cm (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)

View in high resolution


File size: 0.15 MB
Image size: 1143 x 800 pixels
Resolution: 72 dpi

Photo taken on October 22, 2018

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