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Integration and Assembly Areas

Please note that David-Florida Laboratory operations will be terminated by . Information related to this section may be consulted for reference purposes only.

The Integration and Assembly Areas of the David Florida Laboratory (DFL) are situated within three temperature- and humidity-controlled, high bay clean rooms of which High Bay 3 is the largest measuring 1,080 sq m (11,600 sq ft). When required, Class 1,000 or better clean room conditions can readily be made available. Each of the high bays are independently traversed by travelling bridge cranes. Access to the high bays is through security-controlled, air showers for personnel. A large loading bay with an overhead crane serves as the access point for all equipment entering the DFL. Two freight elevators provide access to the workshop and storage areas which are located in the basement.


Net rentable high bay space

Small loading bay

Large loading bay

Storage areas

Available storage

Additional storage can be arranged through a third-party supplier.

Associated customer support facilities


Conference facilities and meeting rooms

Environmental controls

Safety and security

Building systems

Deployment of Olympus Solar Array at the Canadian Space Agency's David Florida Laboratory

Olympus Satellite Solar Array Deployment. (Credit: Communications Research Center Canada)

Power supplies and generators

Emergency power supplies and generators

Uninterruptible power supply

360° video of the Integration and Assembly Areas

360° video of the Integration and Assembly Areas

360° video of the Integration and Assembly Areas

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