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About smartEarth

smartEarth is the Canadian Space Agency's (CSA) renewed funding initiative related to Earth observation applications development. It fosters a smart use of satellite data to develop solutions to key challenges on Earth and in our everyday lives.

Funding opportunities are provided through three different tracks: the Accelerator, the Integrator and the Enabler.

smartEarth replaces the CSA's Earth Observation Application Development Program (EOADP), Government Related Initiatives Program (GRIP), and Science and Operational Applications Research (SOAR) Program.



Available funding varies depending on the Request for Proposal (RFP) or Announcement of Opportunity (AO). The funds usually cover a period ranging from one to three years.



Projects will allow the development of innovative satellite data solutions that will help solve key challenges on Earth and in our everyday lives in a variety of fields.

For example, they may help monitor and protect ecosystems. They may also help improve agricultural practices, sustainability of natural resources or the safety of our infrastructures.


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