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Call for Applications for Membership on the Joint Measurement Definition Team for the International Mars Ice Mapper Mission

In collaboration, the Italian Space Agency (ASI), the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) invite scientists, engineers, and other qualified and interested individuals from institutions worldwide to apply for membership on the Reconnaissance/Science Measurement Definition Team (MDT) for the International Mars Ice Mapper mission (I-MIM). I-MIM would map and characterize accessible (within the uppermost 10m) subsurface water ice and its overburden in mid-to-low latitudes to support planning for potential human surface missions to Mars.

More information about this opportunity and application materials can be downloaded from NASA Website.

When complete, required application materials (1. the MDT application form found at the site above, and 2. the applicant's curriculum vitae) should be emailed to by .

The I-MIM MDT aims to commence its work in late and to complete the following tasks by late

  • Task 1: Define measurements traceable to Reconnaissance Requirements (ice detection, overburden characterization, and candidate human landing site characterization) and ways to optimize the payload(s) for these purposes.
  • Task 2: Provide findings on potential high-value, prioritized reconnaissance/science/engineering augmentations that are synergistic with the anchor payload and might maximize the mission's return on investment within established mission boundary conditions.
  • Task 3: Prepare a model concept of operations based on findings for Tasks 1 and 2.

For reasons of cost, time, and safety, most of the MDT's work will be carried out using email and tele/video conferences. By submitting required application materials, applicants waive all claims associated with their MDT participation against any of the partner Agencies, entities, or persons. Members will also sign a statement confirming that they will not release any technical data or MDT information during proceedings and must receive approval for any additional presentations or research purposes. However, the partner Agencies will make the final report and any other output materials of the MDT publicly available.

The I-MIM partner Agencies will jointly select MDT Members with relevant multidisciplinary expertise from the international applicant pool. The issuance of this call does not oblige/obligate the Agencies to accept any of the applications. However, the partner Agencies welcome applications from world experts who will work together to ensure the mission concept maximizes the potential for revealing the nature of the as-yet-unseen near-surface cryosphere on Mars and the accessibility of water ice for future human exploration.

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