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Notice – Financial Support for XRISM Guest Scientist (XGS) Opportunity

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  1. Purpose
  2. Background
  3. Objectives and Eligible Projects
  4. Important Comments
  5. Additional information

Publication date:

Deadline: For guidance, the Announcement of Opportunity (AO) publication is targeted in summer on the CSA website. It is anticipated that the Application deadline will be approximately one month after NASA solicitation results are communicated. Several factors may influence these dates.

1. Purpose

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is informing Canadian universities and post-secondary institutions of its intention to allocate grants to successful applicants in the NASA Solicitation for the JAXA/NASA X-Ray Imaging and Spectroscopy Mission (XRISM) Guest Scientist (XGS) program.

This is part of CSA's Grants and Contributions Program to support Research, Awareness and Learning in Space Science and Technology – Research Component.

2. Background

In exchange for CSA's contribution on the testing of the NASA Resolve instrument to the XRISM mission, Canadian astronomers are allowed to compete, at the same level as U.S. participants, on the NASA Solicitation mentioned above. Note that Canada does not have guaranteed time. Canadians that are retained from the competitive process managed by NASA are invited to submit an application to the CSA seeking funding support for their proposed project.

The objectives of this notice are the following:

3. Objectives and Eligible Projects

CSA's objectives are to:

Eligibility: Projects eligible for funding are those who have competed and are selected from NASA's XGS review process. Eligible applicants are astronomers with a teaching or a research position in Canadian universities or post-secondary institutions.

Funding: A total of $100,000 will be available for XGS program from the CSA. A maximum of $50,000 per XGS application, with a $25,000 per year maximum, as indicated on the full AO to be posted on the CSA website.

Evaluation: Criteria to be applied on the selection of Canadians for funding are (details will be provided when application process is open, subject to change):

Note that NASA does not require Canadian applicants to demonstrate availability or promise of CSA support or other funding to qualify as an XGS.

4. Important Comments

NASA will inform the CSA of selected Canadian proposals once the NASA managed review is completed. This is expected to be a few weeks after the NASA XGS application deadline.

Eligible Canadian scientists interested in seeking CSA support must apply to this CSA AO once details are posted later this summer. The process will include filling and submitting an application form. The instructions will contain additional details on:

Given the budget available, it is possible that not all applications meeting eligibility and evaluation criteria will be funded. The highest ranked proposals will be funded, up to the available budget.

It should be noted that the descriptions and the distribution of the AO detailed in sections 3 and 4 are subject to change between now and the official publication of the AO, if necessary.

This notice is not an AO and should not be considered as a commitment on the part of the Government of Canada to publish one. No agreement based on this notice will be concluded. This notice does not in any way authorize potential applicants to undertake work, the cost of which could be claimed from Canada.

Comments and suggestions will not be submitted to a formal assessment; however, they could be used in the preparation of potential AO. No additional exchange on the subjects raised should be expected. Clarification may be requested as needed.

5. Additional information

Please check this CSA webpage for updates. Interested institutions and potential applicants can email their comments or suggestions to the following email address: with subject line: XRISM XGS pre-notice

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