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Request for Information on Technology Demonstration - Survey on Demonstration Needs


For a decade, the Canadian space community has expressed, through forums, conferences, and working groups, the need for frequent and accessible demonstration opportunities and platforms for innovative space technologies. Recently, the space scene has changed as several launch providers and new platforms have appeared. For instance, CubeSats as a cost-effective solution are increasingly used for space demonstration and validation of new technologies. This emergence creates new opportunities for the space communities.

This Request for Information (RFI) to the Canadian space sector will update the information gathered in two previous studies in order to consolidate the demonstration needs of the Canadian space community. The response will help the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) establish the parameters (e.g. budget, schedule, offer of service) for a sustainable and predictable Technology Demonstration initiative that best supports demonstrations activities from ground to space.

Understanding Technology Demonstration

Technology demonstration, for the purpose of this initiative, means to demonstrate technologies in a relevant environment or the expected operational environment. A technology may require a specific demonstration: to gain flight heritage for potential commercial sales; for validation or qualification; to enable science; and, to demonstrate a new product, service or application.

During the process of technology development, the demonstration phase is not limited to one event on one platform. For instance, a new Earth Observation (EO) technology can require an initial demonstration on a stratospheric balloon to validate the sensor's measurement capability. This could be followed by a high altitude aircraft flight that validates the quality of the data collected in a representative environment. A final demonstration step could be through a CubeSat IOD/IOV flight to confirm the overall payload performance in the operational environment (i.e. space).

Survey and subscription to the information session

The CSA's Space Science and Technology Team will hold a webinar on WEBEX on , at 1 p.m. ET to present the RFI and its context, have an open discussion and respond to questions from the participants. The session will be bilingual.

If you have not received the invitation to participate in the survey and webinar, please contact us at

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