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Notice – Financial Support for JWST Early Release Science (ERS) and Cycle 1 call for proposals

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Table of Contents

  1. Purpose
  2. Objectives and Eligible Projects
  3. Important Comments
  4. Email Address and Response Deadline

1. Purpose

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is informing Canadian universities and post-secondary institutions of its intention to allocate grants for the analysis of James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) data as part of its Grants and Contributions Program to support Research, Awareness and Learning in Space Science and Technology – Research Component. Thanks to CSA's contribution of the Fine Guiding Sensor (FGS) and NIRISS (Near InfraRed Imager and Slitless Spectrograph) to JWST, Canadian astronomers are expected to be allocated at least five percent of the available open time in addition of the 450 hours of guaranteed time observations (GTO) to the Canadian JWST science team. In order to have the opportunity to be allocated observing time with JWST, Canadian astronomers must submit proposals in response to NASA's call for proposals for Cycle 1. Details about NASA's call for proposals are available at

Subsequent to the announcement of Cycle 1 results, CSA is planning to solicit proposals from successful Canadian applicants.

The objectives of this notice are the following:

The CSA encourages any interested organization to submit comments or suggestions in response to this notice no later than ; however, submitting such comments or suggestions is neither a condition nor a prerequisite for a participation in a potential CSA JWST Announcement of Opportunity (AO).

2. Objectives and Eligible Projects

CSA's objectives are to:

Projects eligible for funding are those to be selected as a result of NASA's Cycle 1 call for proposals or previously selected by the STScI Director's Discretionary Early Release (DDERS). Eligible applicants are astronomers with a teaching or a research position in Canadian Universities or post-secondary institutions and who are either a Principal Investigator (PI), a Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI), or a Co-Investigator (Co-I) of an eligible project. Priority will be given to PI, Co-PI and Co-I General Observer (GO) proposals over Archival Research (AR) proposals.

It is anticipated that a total of $780,000 will be available for ERS and Cycle 1 support.

3. Important Comments

This notice is not an AO and should not be considered as a commitment on the part of the Government of Canada to publish one. No agreement based on this notice will be concluded. This notice does not in any way authorize prospective interested institutions to undertake work, the cost of which could be claimed from Canada.

In the information provided to Canada, institutions submitting comments or suggestions are encouraged to indicate the presence of any information which they consider as exclusive, personal or belonging to a third party. Please note that Canada may be required by law (e.g., in response to a request under the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act to disclose information that is proprietary or sensitive at the commercial level.

Institutions submitting comments or suggestions will receive no reimbursement for the costs incurred in replying to this notice.

For guidance, it is expected that selected Canadian astronomers will be solicited for proposals by CSA during the spring of . Note that several factors may influence this date.

Comments and suggestions will not be submitted to a formal assessment; however, they could be used for planning purpose. No additional exchange on the subjects raised should be expected.

This notice is subject to change. If necessary, these changes will be published on the CSA website. It is recommended to check the site regularly.

4. Email address and Response Deadline

Interested institutions and potential applicants can email their comments or suggestions to the following address, no later than .


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